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Bo's Kitchen

Bo is a plant based chef and photographer based in England who has been a vegan for the past 10 years

Vegan, and using no artificial light, her work is colourful, eye catching and creative. It often includes artistic pieces that appeal to everybody (e.g. sweet treats) but are not always obviously plant based

She has done work for leading brands including Waitrose, Tesco and WelleCo

Instagram: 142K followers



Bahare is a food stylist and photographer based in Sweden

Her work focuses on capturing beautiful images of a broad range of foods. Constantly being creative, her work continues to adhere to an  overall consistent theme

She has a very high level of engagement and has done work for brands such as Max, Arla Keso (largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia) and Daniel Wellington

Instagram: 72K followers



Tanja is a plant based chef, photographer and visual designer based in Berlin

Her work often includes 'flying food', shots which cleverly capture food in mid-air or as if moving in slow motion

She has a very high level of engagement and has done work for Quorn UK, Seed Heart Superfood and Mission More

Instagram: 31K followers



Charlotte Webber is a plant based chef, photographer and middle distance runner who produces healthy and colourful recipes. She is based in the U.K.

Her work is particularly focused on nut based recipes and is usually focused around healthy breakfast bowls

Instagram: 6K followers