We are an agency for the new age of advertising, working with leading influential creators and communicators of our time to bring a conversation to advertising

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Artists have historically furthered the goals of others

The Medici family commissioned and acquired some of the great works of art of the 15th Century to raise the status of their family

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We act for social media influencers

the 21st Century artists and creators, advising them on how to capitalise on their talent and connecting them with modern day merchants looking to further their goals through sponsored campaigns

The individuals we represent have produced sponsored content for some of the largest brands in Europe



We bring a conversation to advertising by telling stories through authentic partnerships

We work with brands to create bespoke campaign using multiple mid-sized influencers to promote products and services


Impact influencing

One of our core areas is working with people that look to generate a measurable and beneficial social or environmental impact for society alongside making a profit